The Work:

Iā€™m interested in the rise and fall of my materials as I manipulate them into new forms. They start out as used, broken, and discarded objects. I give them shape. My material choices are inspired by music and poetry, as well as personal relationships. Through the act of burning, melting, and breaking, I alter the existence of my chosen materials from their original physical states. This breakdown gives me the opportunity to see their unexpected potential. The path of each sculpture is full of tension, frustration and doubt. I know a piece is finished when the various parts I combine form a metaphorical story, while referring back to their original function. I hope that the layers of information I create within my work stir the initial curiosity of the viewer, and encourage prolonged investigation of it. With time, the chaotic and strange become familiar. 


I'm originally from Washington D.C. I currently live in Brooklyn, New York.

Photo Credit:

Cody Goddard